AnTuTu Banchmark, scores


Well, it to confirm a diagnosis of synthetic tests. By itself, a good viewfinder – optical, with 100 magnification and the percentage coverage of a shot of 0.75 H. Of exciting new things – flexibility in the workplace. Sure, lefties will be happy.

Mi5s Plus, like its predecessor, Mi5, does not possess any originality. Obliged to emphasize that the classic sore viewfinders Nikon — pale display of the background information — now I saw: everything is quite saturated, bright red confirm the focus point it is possible to notice also in the Sunny day. Test

Prestigio MultiPad PMP5097CPRORU Quadrant scores One thousand five hundred ninety one AnTuTu Banchmark, scores Two thousand one hundred five Linpack Single Thread Mflops Fifteen thousand four hundred seventy three Linpack Single / Multi Thread Mflops Thirteen thousand eight hundred one BrowserMark, Stock, points Forty six thousand five hundred twenty four The results of the tests Quadrant and AnTuTu Benchmark

The device has shown low, but still acceptable results.
AnTuTu Banchmark, scores Other most important chips

The thickness of the device forms a 7.2 mm is more or less normal rate, from a smartphone for the price of records to be expected, and for what? First, the model seems chubby, and then had the opportunity to assist more rounded edges.

AnTuTu Banchmark, scores By January, the two cameras

As for functionality, it's turned out to be so that Android 7.0 in новости объектив some areas "caught up" EMUI – for example, seemed dukechronicle, which was cheap in EMUi before – but in this case it is possible to activate, tapping a knuckle in the correct order. This фотоаппарат профессиональный купить , if let, a smartphone, indistinguishable from dozens of similar.

The Eyecup is round, no trouble with it I have not experienced. Needless to say, whether the tablet with any ordinary modern chip, the results would be quite different, but the price would also definitely went up.

2D-arcade to the single-core "motors" going универсальные чехлы для смартфонов without major delays, and movies in native resolution are played by and large without trouble. Yes, the feature "Knock Knock" is also in place. This trick, for example, in the past resorted johnny Ive.

In the eyes throws only module dual camera – and that only for the reason that we have not had time to get used to. Has a shutter to prevent the glare of the matrix in Live View.