This high-performance mobile processor manufactured on 22nm process technology.


In order to reach them, you will need to hold the gadget with one hand. The shiny plastic – very easily soiled material, but in this case it is not noticeable, the smartphone is very long will look like new.

Drivers for "Javorov" optimized for gaming load, in other words under the work in real time with a small number of triangles, but a heavy gaming textures and complex shaders for самый мощный смартфон 2017 postprocessing. But the same platform with the same display features and beautiful design, twice the flash and half the RAM. 86 933

* Average unit value at "Yandex.Market" at the time of this writing. With the "Quadras" fared otherwise, for gaming the video card is not required to "digest" huge "game" textures and shaders, but the number of triangles in the scene on the same task increases by a couple orders of magnitude. All this for a thousand rubles cheaper!

But, you guessed, you need to order from China. Is not able not to rush into the eye of the red insert in the middle. Sony Xperia X Compact, the back panel in the upper left corner of the camera lens, single led flash, laser illumination and infrared sensor contrast focus The main circumstance for which X is Compact, in fact, created – dimensions.

The ASUS G501JW is available in several executions with different number of disk storage, memory, video card and RAM, and display resolution and various types. In addition, the NVIDIA GeForce drivers are optimized for gaming API, DirectX, and NVIDIA drivers Quadro is focused on OpenGL as the API traditionally used the wonderful editors of 3D-graphics. Absolutely the same there and on the lower face. Familiar phrases stamped about the ease of operation with one hand then look very handy.

To our test lab got the model with the index CN039H, the specification of which is specified in the table above. The company Google is going to seriously tackle the gaming industry.

This high-performance mobile processor manufactured on 22nm process technology. as the API traditionally used

The left side Imaginarium SuperPaquito All connectors and ports are collected in one place — фотоаппарат пентакс on the left side of the tablet.

In бонд смартфон the case where if suddenly a man accustomed to the iPhone (but hated the Plus version), you will want to switch to Android, then climb on the compact, it may be uncomplicated only.

This high-performance mobile processor manufactured on 22nm process technology. is Compact, in

Thirdly, the development of MOSAIC for NVIDIA video cards NVIDIA Quadro it is possible to connect up to 16 displays in a moment. Information on the recruitment and processor chips