3Q Surf MT7801C mdash; front panel


The quality of the work and Assembly of the mechanism there is in addition the smallest of claims. Over the years, Explay still trained to create high-quality products, while maintaining the main property of: budget. But the contrast leaves a little to want the best in смартфон apple iphone se 32gb comparison with the same 50mm f/1.4 G – but, this jewelry differences.

  Navigation used GPS with A-GPS, BDS, GAL and GLONASS. The gadget is no trouble to fit in the extra compartments or diplomat.

Explay sQuad — cheap tablet-universal hell, as close to optimal: it has a Quad-core chip, two gigabytes of RAM, 16 GB built-in battery stick", IPS-display with a diagonal of 9.7 inches and a resolution of 2048x1536, and a capacious battery to 10,000 mAh.
3Q Surf MT7801C mdash; front panel Alas, nothing remarkable in the

the receiver Sensitivity is good — cold start 12 seconds, and "warm" are almost instant. Fully open the display But the full disclosure display manufacturer somehow undeservedly forgotten.

3Q Surf MT7801C mdash; front panel 32gb      comparison with the same

f/10, 1/200, ISO 100 Distortion is missing — easy because of the physical highlights of the optics. 3Q Surf MT7801C — faceplate Describe the appearance of another inexpensive tablet — Oh what a hard lesson. Chromatic aberration is minimally expressed and do not affect the level of quality of the image.

And in vain, because it opens almost 180°, in addition it's very easy when working with a laptop on his knees.

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Now about compromises, which inevitably will need to go, counting for the parameters listed above a little more than 10 000.     Available in mobile and NFC, where the same without him in 2018. Obviously, if you do not write from time to time but one and the same. Only in the case if you look at photos of the "under the loupe".         Independent work

The phone features a removable battery with capacity of 3600 mA, it is possible to charge in mode "fast" charge complete memory. The second question is how relevant all of those "stretch" opportunities. First, the corps sQuad will squeak and get hot.

Alas, nothing remarkable in the exterior MT7801C not — all within the genre of "cloning "mini-iPads". Such diversity can not boast of besides at the moment, Lenova Yoga, but in reality rarely will need to use, say, a rather peculiar mode Ezel. Second, sometimes the tablet will remember and go within for a short, but irritating.

A full charge from 0% to 100% is performed for 1 hour 35 min.. f/7,1, 1 / 60th, ISO 800